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New York Hip Hop Playlist

Old School Hip Hop (Tapes and Vinyls) Playlist

70's Funk and pimp Sh*t (Huggie Bears Lost Tape) Playlist

90's UK Pop and R'n'B Gems Playlist

Pretty Fly for a White Guy (90's Trash Mouth) Playlist

90's Hip Hop x Neo Soul Playlist

The Neptunes Billionaires Boys Club Store Playlist


Adidas High Energy Work Out Playlist

Raries R'n'B/Dance B-Sides and Remixes 1998 - 2005 Playlist

Versace on the Floor Mixtape 80's Electronic Soul and Funk Playlist

Umbaba Night Club London Hip Hop x R'n'B 2007-2008 Playlist

Alternative Dance 90's (Walkmans and MTV Videos) Playlist

Twice as Nice R'n'B Room (90's/00's) Playlist

When we went to Pathos 2005-2006 Hip Hop & R'n'B Playlist

Hip Hop Havanna and Latin Licks Playlist

80's - 90's Big Power Feel Good Playlist

Best of Bad Boy Playlist


Track Masters 90's -00's Hip Hop & R'n'B (Poke and Tone) Playlist

Best of Roc-A-Fella Records Playlist

Best of Lil Kim Playlist

Best of Puff Daddy (Shiney Suit Man) Playlist

Best of Aaliyah Playlist

Best of Murder Inc Playlist

Best of Def Jam Playlist

Best of Eric Sermon Playlist

Early 90's Commercial Dance Playlist

Balearic House Ibiza Sounds Playlist

Uptown Records Hip Hop Playlist 1998 - 2000 Playlist

New Years Eve 1999 - 2000 Playlist

Miami 80's sunsets Vs 70's Pusherman funk Playlist