DJ Whitecoat has carved out a significant niche in the London music scene, captivating audiences with his versatile and electrifying sets at some of the city's most iconic venues. His dynamic style and ability to energize crowds have made him a favorite at prestigious locations like BBC Studios (Elstree Film Studios) and trendy hotspots such as Box Park in Shoreditch. From the sophisticated ambiance of The Century Club in Soho to the bustling atmosphere of The Bull at Westfield Shopping Centre, DJ Whitecoat has delivered unforgettable performances. He has graced the elegant Dolce in Piccadilly and the renowned Embassy Night Club in Mayfair with his infectious beats.The vibrant Jewel Bar in Covent Garden, as well as Zebranos and Club Extreme on Carnaby Street, have all experienced the pulse of DJ Whitecoat's sets. His performances at Babble in Mayfair and the legendary Cafe De Paris in Leicester Square have further solidified his reputation in London nightlife. Adding to his impressive roster, DJ Whitecoat has spun tracks at The End on Tottenham Court Road, the eclectic East Village in Shoreditch, and the edgy Plan B in Brixton. He has also left his mark at Courts Wine Bar near Trafalgar/Strand, showcasing his ability to create memorable musical experiences across a variety of settings.With a repertoire that spans various genres and a passion for bringing the best of music to every event, DJ Whitecoat remains a sought-after name in the industry, known for turning any venue into the heart of the party.

Music Genres and Styles Available:

  • House & Garage
  • Kisstory Dance
  • Kisstory Hip Hop
  • Kisstory R&B x Pop
  • Club Classics
  • Funky House
  • Deep House
  • UK Garage x 2Step
  • Twice as Nice
  • 00’s Specialist
  • 90’s Specialist
  • 80’s Hip Hop
  • 80’s Soul & Funk
  • UK Funky x Grime
  • Baile Funk x Ama Piano
  • Indie Rock x Chart
  • Electronic x Dance
  • Drum & Bass x Jungle

Notable Venue Residencies & Highlights:

  • BBC Studios (Elstree Film Studios)
  • Box Park (Shoreditch)
  • The Century Club (Soho)
  • The Bull (Westfield Shopping Centre)
  • Dolce (Piccadilly)
  • Embassy Night Club (Mayfair)
  • Jewel Bar (Covent Garden)
  • Zebranos (Carnaby Street)
  • Club Extreme (Carnaby Street)
  • Babble (Mayfair)
  • Cafe De Paris (Leicester Square)
  • The End (Tottenham Court Road)
  • East Village (Shoreditch)
  • Plan B (Brixton)
  • Courts Wine Bar (Trafalgar/Strand)
  • Destiny Night Club (Watford)
  • Kandi Klub (Watford)
  • Vodka Revolution Bars (Watford)
  • Oceana (Watford)
  • Garden Rooms (Watford)
  • Canvas (Watford)
  • The White Horse (London Colney)

Other Highlights:

  • Featured in Kiss 100's Best of 2022
  • Westfield Shopping Centre DJ
  • DJed for Big Narstie's BDL Tour
  • Corporate DJ for Marks & Spencer
  • Featured in Ministry of Sound Mag
  • Featured on Apple Music
  • Featured on Beatport
  • Just Jam 029 DJ Whitecoat (Tim&Barry)
  • Mix 'N' Blend DJ
  • King of the Decks North London Finalist
  • LOL Comedy Show DJ
  • DJed at Norway Party in the Park
  • DJed at Forbidden London's Lingerie Party
  • DJed for Miss Westend
  • Featured in Hip Hop Connection Mag
  • Featured on Bay Area Allstars with Haji Springer, E-40 & Genessee Lewis

DJ Whitecoat's music has graced the airwaves of prominent radio stations, including BBC Radio 1, Kiss 100 FM, Radio 1Xtra, Rinse FM, Kiss Fresh, Flex FM, BBC Radio 6, Worldwide FM, Subtle Radio, Soho Radio, Foundation FM, 1020 Radio, House FM, Deja Vu FM, Bang Radio, Ibiza Sonica Radio, Redbull Radio, Ministry of Sound Radio, Reprezent Radio, Fresh FM, Big City Radio, Radio FMR, Rinse France, Netil Radio, Westside Radio, and Apple Music.

Production Highlights

DJ Whitecoat's work has earned support and endorsements from prominent DJs and presenters across the industry, including those at Kiss 100, Radio One, Radio 1Xtra, and more.

"How Does It Feel": Whitecoat's track featuring vocalist Jae Elle was heralded as the Sound of 2010 on DJ Pioneer's Kiss 100 Show. The track enjoyed substantial success, spending a significant portion of the year on the Ministry of Sound Radio Chart. The instrumental version, "Bongos from London," also received extensive airplay across various UK stations. In 2019, the track received a remix from Roska, premiered on Radio 1 by Toddla T, and garnered support from DJs like Anna Lunoe (Apple Music) and DJ Cartier (Rinse FM).

The original release of "How Does It Feel" includes remixes by DJ Eastwood, Dlux, KG, Mr. Solo, Mr. Turbo, Shay and Sinista, 86 Baby (also known as Murdz 86), Razzler Man, LR Groove, Smoove Kriminal, Tempa Da Beat Kid, DJ Spooks, and DJ Truce and Masro.

"Bongos from London,": DJ Whitecoat's album, blends UK funky, tribal, and chilled rhythms. It features a variety of tracks with vocalist Jae Elle, who appears on half of the album. Notable tracks include "Riddim," "How Does It Feel," "Chillin' in the Sun," and "At Night." The album also features an early appearance by Ronnie Loko as Black Ice on the track "L.O.V.E," and Grime legend and Roll Deep member Killa P on the track "Girl Like Me."

Tracks from DJ Whitecoat's album received airplay on some of the world's biggest radio stations, including Kiss 100, BBC Radio One, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Rinse FM, Deja Vu FM, Ministry Of Sound Radio, Worldwide FM, and Ibiza Sonica, among others.

"Girl Like You": Whitecoat's collaboration with Killa P, "Girl Like You," was selected by Adidas for inclusion in its High Energy Workout Playlist on Spotify.

"Riddim": One of Whitecoat's most memorable tracks featuring vocalist Jae Elle, "Riddim," solidified both creators' names in the annals of UK Funky and Underground Dance Music Culture. Kiss 100 and Ministry of Sound backed the track, with the video featured on the front page of their websites. It maintained a presence in the Ministry of Sound Chart for an impressive 18 weeks. In 2019, the track received a remix by DJ Polo, gaining renewed attention from Kiss 100's Kissy Sell Out, Radio 1's Jaguar Skills, and Jamz Supernova.

Jae Elle brings a fresh and captivating energy to Whitecoat's albums. With her soulful vocals, she infuses each track with a unique blend of passion and artistry. Her melodic hooks and emotive lyricism add depth and dimension to the albums, elevating them all to new heights. Collaborating with Whitecoat, Jae Elle leaves a lasting impression, solidifying her status as a timeless classic in the industry. Her presence on the albums not only enhances its sonic landscape but also underscores the power of artistic collaboration to create something truly remarkable.

Production Highlights

"Bongos from 2022": was released in 2021, its Whitecoat's second album, showcasing a diverse range of collaborations. The album features notable artists including the raw talent of seasoned Birmingham MC Archa General, Razzler Man from the Tribal Brothers, Roska from Kicks N Snares, DJ Polo from Rinse, Zoltan, Ronnie Loko, and vocalist Jae Elle. This eclectic mix of contributors adds a rich tapestry of sounds and styles, making "Bongos from 2022" a significant release in Whitecoat's discography.

"How Does It Feel" Roska Remix: The premiere of "How Does It Feel" Roska Remix, on Toddler TS's Radio One show was pivotal. This platform, widely listened to, served as a launching pad, introducing the remix to a diverse audience. The exposure helped showcase its unique sound, capturing attention and fostering appreciation for the talented artists involved.

With support pouring in from a wide array of respected DJs and platforms including AC Slater, Toddla T (Radio One), Grego Salto, Simbad (Rinse Fm France), Roska, Anna Lunoe (Apple Music), DJ Pioneer (Kiss 100), and DJ Cartier (Rinse FM). This widespread endorsement underscores the track's quality and potential to make a significant impact in the music scene

"Riddim" DJ Polo Remix: Courtesy of RKS label mate and Rinse FM selector, DJ Polo, comes a polished remix of 'Riddim' by DJ Whitecoat, extending its life into 2019 with finesse.

"Spell Check": Whitecoat's collaboration with Archa General, "Spell Check," received airplay on Kiss 100 and Giles Peterson's World Wide FM.

Whitecoat's collaboration with the legendary MC Archa General on the track titled 'Spell Check' is arguably one of his best yet. Fusing elements of Funky and Reggae, the track showcases Archa General's unmatched skill as he effortlessly rides over the infectious beat, delivering slick wordplay and schooling listeners with his Gangster Alphabet. Whitecoat's production seamlessly complements Archa's flow, creating a dynamic synergy that is sure to ignite any dancefloor or DJ set. Together, this duo conjures a combination that is both infectious and irresistible.

"Around You": Whitecoat's collaboration with Ronnie Loko received airtime on BBC Radio. Sian Anderson featured it on Radio 1Xtra, followed shortly by Phoebe IH, who labeled it "Future Dance" on BBC Radio 1 in 2022.

"In The Village": Whitecoat's collaboration with Razzler Man, "In The Village," enjoyed a 13-week consecutive run on Kiss 100's DJ Pioneer Show. It was also featured on the Boxing Day special Kiss Dance Show Best of 2020 and was signed by legendary UK Funky Producer Roska for his label Roska Kicks N Snares. It was also used on Sian Anderson's and Nick Brights BBC Radio Shows.

"Saidai" {Maximum/Greatest}: "最大 (Saidai)" Whitecoat's third studio album is a celebration of the summer season, featuring an eclectic mix of UK Funky, tribal influences, and diverse elements of dance music. From chilled grooves to high-energy club anthems, DJ Whitecoat showcases his versatility and innovation, delivering a dynamic listening experience for music lovers of all tastes.